Trouble with shellhooks

I’m trying to get going with shellhooks but running into some issues early on. Was following some of the test from the github page, specifically:

To execute an example script which prints input back to output (smart-proxy log):

$ curl -sX POST -H 'Content-Type: text/plain' \
    --data "This is a test" \

When I run this I see SSL errors in my proxy.log file such as “sslv3 alert bad certificate”

It feels like I’m missing a step but I’m not sure what it is

Hi @ThatGuy24601,

If it’s for testing purposes only, you could pass --insecure flag to curl.


Thanks for the response, when I try that I get an “No client SSL certificate supplied” error. I’m not sure I understand the certificate requirements for using shellhooks

If you use a proxy that is registered and known to foreman, just tick the Proxy Authorization checkbox and Foreman will validate the SSL cert:

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