Troubleshoot Foreman Directory Environments

I did a fresh install for Foreman with Puppet on a CentOS 6.6 box. I had it
running fine with a production and test directory environment. When I
changed a template and class in the test environments, Puppet will no
longer see any modules.

I have reverted the test directory back to the original setup, but it any
modules I point to a host in Foreman fail to be found by Puppet. The only
fix I as able to do as a work around was to created a modules.pp file under
test/manifests that uses the depreciated "import" function to pull in the
modules so Puppet can find them.

Everything in Foreman looks correct and it sees even the small test module
I built for a test.

I dug through logs and ran puppet with the --debug --verbose flags against
the puppet master on the Foreman box and puppet agent on the client.

Any tips on troubleshooting what is going on between the interaction of
Foreman to Puppet? When I run the /etc/puppet/node.rb for the host in
question it gets the correct environment and classes I want it to use.