Trying to find API parameter for 'any users' under the /api/locations endpoint in Foreman 2.4.1

We have a provisioning step for our Foreman hosts, currently manual, where we need to log into the Foreman WebUI after we’ve set up our LDAP services, and ‘check’ a box for the following objects:

  • Administer->Locations->“Default Location”->Users->check ‘All Users’ box
    And then do the same for the following sub-menus for that Default Location:
    Smart Proxies->check “All Smart Proxies” box
    Subnets->check “All Subnets” box
    Compute Resources->check “All Compute Resources” box
    etc, etc, for Media, Provisioning Templates, etc - every object under the ‘Default Location’ object.

I’ve looked in the API Docs at API documentation but cannot seem to find the parameter that controls the ‘All X resource’ button. Nor can I seem to find the parameter to feed to hammer to accomplish the same task. Could someone a bit better versed in the API point me in the right direction, please?

Expected outcome:
An API parameter (or hammer flag) we can set that allows us to automate away the last manual provisioning step we have for our Foreman hosts.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Ubuntu 18 LTS

Other relevant data: