Trying to get all applicable errata data without crutching on hosts (Report Template)

I want a list of errata issued from specific date over.
Basically, I want this API call but in the form of a report template so I can generate it from the UI
FOREMAN_API + 'errata?per_page=99999&errata_restrict_applicable=true&search=issued+>=+"' + start_date + '"+and+issued+<=+"' + end_date + '"'

Foreman: 3.5
Katello: 4.7.0

I’m looking through the docs, and thought maybe load_errata_applications() might be something? Theres not enough info for me to understand what exactly it does, but it returns an empty array, no erratums.

Is there anyone out there who has a similar report template? Or at the very least how to display all erratas irrespective of hosts.