Two NICs to be provisoned, only one gets an IP by the Foreman DHCP

Hello everyone,
I wish to provision two NICs, and I get some unwanted outcomes can you guys
please help me fix them? maybe I am doing this flow wrong this also might
be wrong…

my needed to be NICs:
"eth0" - a "real" NIC with a static IP, connected to the host VMware VLAN
<x> which connects to the 10.y.z.*.
"provision" - a provision only NIC for the installation only. (should be
deleted later with post kickstart or my CM)

I am setting (with identifiers):

"eth0" -

  1. using "suggested IP" from the subnet (10.y.z.x) pool.
  2. marking 'V' on 'primary'


  1. The NIC gets 'eth1'
    *not wanted, should be "eth0"
  2. did not get the IP
    *not wanted, should get the suggested IP I've gave. Foreman log says
    "trying to find an ip address, we got {:from=>"10.y.z.241",
    :to=>"10.y.z.250", :mac=>nil}" <— which is the needed range but NIC IP
    was not given.
    my provisioned node messages says that "DHCPDISCOVER on eth1 to port 67 interval 5 …" might be a DHCP configuration issue?
  3. indeed got a lease entry in my Foreman.

"provision" -
Identify as "provision" for the CM or kickstart to spotting and removing
this (might be a better way).

  1. marked 'V' on Managed and on Provision.

got DHCP address
not wanted: got "eth0" name, should be "provision"

And can you can help me on this too ?
(Now thinking about how to remove this after provisioning the machine since
this is on a 192.168.m.n and the "real" NIC is on a 10.y.z.* network)

I hope you guys will help me out here, as if you will my boss and I will be
very very happy :slight_smile:

If you need me to add logs/conf files/ run some debugging please let me

Thanks again all!