Ubuntu autoinstall changes

Hey @atix

it looks like Ubuntu PXE provisioning is falling behind due to recent changes made by Canonical:


This has been asked multiple times and I got some IRC pings “when this is ready”. I can put this on our scrum but this is gonna be low priority effort. So I thought if you could take it from here, IIRC you guys have customers with Ubuntu/Debian. I briefly described what needs to be done but I did not dig deeper and things might be more complicated.

Let me know if you need any assistance.


I will talk with my colleagues when we have the time to work on this. Thanks @lzap for the preparation.

It looks like Ubuntu derivates are also suffering from this.

In this thread the link already has over 30+ clicks. Let me know if you need any assistance from me.

as @lzap mentioned, this hits derivatives of Ubuntu.
One important one in my research lab is nVidia DGX systems (DGX 1,2 and workstations)
DGX_OS-4.x is still on Debian Installer (18.04 based)
DGX_OS-5.x is using new Live-Installer (20.04)

Where can I add RF comments to help ensure Ubuntu derivatives such as suitable have coverage too?