Ubuntu support questions for foreman with katello

Hello All
I want to kindly ask you if you consider the Ubuntu Linux distributions among the fully supported operating systems for Foreman - Katello as managed systems.
Also, I would like to know if you have plans for long-term supporting Ubuntu Linux distributions.

Thank you!

Hey @makripo - welcome to the community.

If you are asking whether you can install Foreman & Katello on Debian - this is not a supported scenario.
You can manage Debian content with Katello, where Foreman/Katello are installed on a RH-based OS like Centos.

@atix are the main group working with Debian content management, and at our birthday party, @quba42 delivered a roadmap update on Debian content. Foreman Birthday Party - YouTube

Since we are a FOSS community, if you or a group of people would be interested in further development of Katello for Debian installations, the community would be happy to answer any questions and support you in the effort. I haven’t heard of anyone actively working on this for now though.

Thanks, this event was including answers to my questions!

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