Unable to add compute resources - GUI bug?

Hi all,

I have recently updated to foreman 1.14.2 and have hit as few issues on my

I yum installed the plugins for EC2 and VMWare but i am unable to add
either as compute resources…

when adding the vmware compute resource i am able to fill in the various
details and i am able to find my data center and test the connection, but
when i hit Submit, the it reports that DataCenters 'cant be blank';

A similar thing is happening when adding EC2 as a compute resource…

I am able to add my access key and my secret key, load regions and test the
connection, but when i select my desired region it defaults back to the
first in the list and nothing happens when i hit submit.

I should add that since upgrading, new hosts and not filling out their
operating system/environment/model fields in the hosts view.

Any hints as to what can be done to get this going? Have i hit some bugs?

Thanks in advance!