Unable to kickstart Rocky Linux 8 due to .treeinfo

Are you installing from Katello repository, or via Installation Media directly?

I am testing it this week.

Katello. I added a product, added the repos I listed and created a content view/published/promoted/etc and created an activation key with subscriptions.

A new host pxe boots, and installs from Katello repo’s. It just works for me :laughing: .


Yeah sorry I was asking Drake :slight_smile:

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I’m also installing from ‘Synced content’ :slight_smile:

So my preliminary observation is that the “workaround” actually breaks CentOS 8 Stream installation. When I comment out all the “repo” statements, it works fine with Pulp 3.

This is because Anaconda will automatically detect the subrepo (aka variant) via treeinfo. There is no need to add additional repositories at all.

I am going to create a new thread for this. Let’s figure this out.

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Ok so it looks like the workaround does not work well with Katello. I need to test Foreman core only provisioning too, we might need something like “if katello is installed then” or something like that.

Share your findings here please:

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I know this is very old but we have just ran into this issue. I am trying to locate the .treeinfo file for Rocky 8 but all I see when I do a locate is the old treefiles from pulp 2.

Do you have or remember the path where the file is for pulp 3 and Rocky 8?

No, haven’t tried pulp3 yet