Unable to start Rails console


on nightly I am not able to start console with “Gem::MissingSpecError: Could not find ‘sqlite3’ (~> 1.3.6) among 150 total gem(s)”. Can anybody try with stable version? Looks like a bug.

I have installed tfm-ror52-rubygem-sqlite3-1.3.13-1.el7.x86_64 to workaround the problem. Probably should have been a dependency of foreman-console package.

I believe it should not be hard dependency. Didn’t you reconfigure database.yml?

What @ezr-ondrej said: normally you install foreman-$db and configure database.yml to match. That means foreman-sqlite should be installed when you have it configured to use the sqlite adapter.

Do you have a bundler.d/sqlite.rb file and if so, does it belong to a package?

Apologies, I accidentally installed Foreman on RHEL using my script for CentOS. Repos were not set up correctly.