Unable to use module with Foreman ENC looking for advice

Hi Foreman Users group,

I am fairly new to foreman,

I have come across a very useful module on the forge that was designed to
be used primarily with Hiera,
they as such built the module without a params manifest and foreman does
not recognise any parameters in the module,

I am going off the assumption that foreman discovers parameters by reading
the params manifest of a module as this appears the be the behaviour from
however i am yet to find any documentation about this.

my two options i have considered as practical in my situation would be,

  1. build a wrapper module that maps all of the parameters back to their
  2. branch their module and map all the parameters through the newly created
    parameters manifest.

the module in question is the sfu/managedmac module.

if anyone has any suggestions on how best to move forward with
compatibility id really appreciate it.