Unattended Provisioning has been started, but loading boot directory failed

It’s success to create host.
But when starting unattended provisioning on bare-metal machine, the files in the boot path can’t be loaded. And on the web page, the status information display build->Token expired.

MENU TITLE Booting into OS installer (ESC to stop)
ONTIMEOUT installer

LABEL installer
KERNEL boot/centos-8-mirror-1BcApq0OvXyZ-vmlinuz
APPEND initrd=boot/centos-8-mirror-1BcApq0OvXyZ-initrd.img ks= BOOTIF=01-00-07-e9-23-58-76 kssendmac ks.sendmac inst.ks.sendmac ip=dhcp nameserver=


How can I figure this problem?

You can cancel the build and then click again on build which will create a new token and if only the expiration is the problem it should run fine.


Yeah, not the best user experience. We are not good in this :slight_smile:

I built debian local mirror repository.And add this local mirror url into the create host job.After click create host, on the path /srv/tftp/boot, there are two files linux and intrid.The file size of them are zero.Then, I changed the mirror to the debian official mirror. It worked.But, the unattened installation has been processing on a physical machine.This machine has been signed IP addr from foreman server.This IP is a 192.168.1. IP address, it can’t connect to the debian offical site. So, when downloading debconf preconfiguration file, it always failed.I don’t know how to solve this problem

Investigate and fix your network I guess.