Uncaught TypeError: Jed is not a constructor

In a fresh devel environment, the following error is shown in the browser console:

Uncaught TypeError: Jed is not a constructor
    at application-d69dcc78209775eec437a9859278e9cf73267254e7c1f607ce766d1e61edf775.js:1892
    at application-d69dcc78209775eec437a9859278e9cf73267254e7c1f607ce766d1e61edf775.js:1911
(anonymous) @ application-d69dcc78209775eec437a9859278e9cf73267254e7c1f607ce766d1e61edf775.js:1892
(anonymous) @ application-d69dcc78209775eec437a9859278e9cf73267254e7c1f607ce766d1e61edf775.js:1911

When I attempted to turn on assets_debug in foreman/config/settings.yaml to get a better idea of the error, the problem went away. I hope this is helpful to someone else one day!