As part of the fix for issue #4419 (smart parameter editing UI changes)[1]
we have added Underscore.js to our assets collection.
Underscore.js includes over 100 useful functions which allow writing
cleaner and simpleer JS code, functions which should have been part of the
JS standard library if it had one. This library includes tools for
conveniently working with arrays and collections as well as other useful
utilities. For a full listing have a look at the official docs[2].
We can take advantage of this library to clean up existing code, for which
I have opened issue #11414 [3]. Please use "refs #11414" in your commit
messages if you make any such refactoring.

​[1] ​https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/pull/2398
[2] http://underscorejs.org/
[3] Refactor #11414: Take advantage of Underscore.js to clean up messy JS code - Foreman

··· -- Have a nice day, Tomer Brisker Red Hat Engineering