Understanding how Foreman operates on a low level, related to Raspberry Pi rollouts

Does anyone have any strategies and success stories for this topic?

I think I'd make an image to put onto the SD card that would know about my
foreman when it booted. After that I could reprovision it at will?

··· On Wednesday, January 9, 2013 5:54:08 PM UTC-5, Lucas Vickers wrote: > > Hello, > > I'm an avid puppet user. I recently used puppet to push out software > changes in rapid succession for an art project involving 180 laptops > working as a continuous screen. > > For my groups next project we are interested in using Foreman to configure > and control multiple Raspberry Pi's over a large LAN. I'd like to > understand and clarify a few aspects of Foreman, and any input people can > provide me with would be fantastic. > > The Raspberry Pi is a small and cheap unix platform running on the ARM11 > architecture. > > 1) My understanding is that Foreman will work as some kind of OS boot > strap (like an OS install CD) and then kick off a known installer tool. If > this is the case, then that means Foreman has been compiled for certain > architectures and with certain drivers. Is this the case, and is there any > detailed information I can find on this? > > 2) Can I put the exact same image on multiple machines (Raspberry Pi's) > and have Foreman assign a name, sign certificates, etc, in an automated > fashion? Dream scenario is that I write the same image onto 100 Rasperry > Pi's and hook it up to a DHCP based network. Foreman then obtains an IP, > downloads and configures an OS, assigns a unique name, registers with > puppet, and listens for commands. Is this more or less how Foreman is > used, or must I physically touch the node in the same fashion that I do > currently with Puppet. > > These are my two questions for now, but they obviously lead into a large > conversation which I would love to get started. > I am also researching exactly what operating systems and bootstrapping > tools are available for Raspberry Pi, and I'll happily post this to this > list if anyone is interested. > > thanks everyone! > Lucas >