Unknown subscription status

To test migation of your content hosts to our new katello server I have registered a test CentOS Stream 8 server with the new installation. It has access to everything needed but it shows “Unknown subscription status” as subscription status. The new katello server runs with simple content access enabled, thus there are no subscriptions.

My other hosts all show “Subscription Status: Simple Content Access”.

The test server has been registered through my content proxy and not directly to the katello server. Could that cause this?

Expected outcome:
Good subscription status.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
AlmaLinux 8.6

Hi @gvde,

On the client did the redhat.repo file get populated with anything?

On the Katello server, anything in /var/log/candlepin/error.log?

Oddly enough, after removing the host from the new server, reverting the snapshot and doing the same procedure again, this time it correctly shows ‘Simple Content Access’ as status. Strange. I have followed the exact same steps. I’ll see if it happens again…

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