Unknown warning after register a new host

Running Foreman 3.2/Katello 4.4.
Just after I register a host using the “curl https://foremanproxy.example.com:9090/register” method I see this warning symbol close to the hostname but unknown why. I know this goes away after a while but a tad annoying.

Clicking the warning symbol shows me:

Also if I do a search for hosts with “global_status != ok” it comes up in the list but with a green checkmark on it.

So looked in the Content hosts view and see 2 packages upgradable on the machine.

Click in to the host and see this in “Provisioning Details”:
Status OK with with an unclickable red error symbol I guess?
So I upgraded the two packages. Now the tracer want to reboot the machine so did. All green after that.
So seems two packages was the trigger here. Those two packages had an errata but Foreman had not yet assigned the errata to those to packages on that host.
Feels these warnings and errors symbols are not always so clear why they pop up.