Untriaged bugs 2018 week 47


it’s triage time again, please help to triage issues. To read more about the process visit Foreman triage process

  • 25491 CA cert can’t be specified in API while adding a RHEV Compute Resource
  • 25490 HTML shown in tooltips
  • 25485 Operatingsystem field ‘Release Name’ should be mandatory for Debian-family
  • 25478 Allow sending reports via email when they are generated
  • 25469 Better handling of smart proxy certificate and secrets generation and distribution
  • 25461 Send Puppet facts without compiling a catalog
  • 25448 Make Puppet classes and their parameters taxable
  • 25447 Unable to create puppet certificate request from RHEL5 with fips enabled
  • 25439 Add new DiffView to Config Reports
  • 25436 get host power state via api
  • 25424 API Documentation expand and collapse options
  • 25423 Add an alphabetized index to top of autogenerated API docs
  • 25419 Cloning a Template and saving without changing it produces a diff

In case I am not available, this is how I created the list:

curl -s https://projects.theforeman.org/projects/foreman/issues.json?query_id=144 | ruby -r json -e 'JSON.parse(STDIN.read)["issues"].each { |i| puts "* [ ] [#{i["id"]}](https://projects.theforeman.org/issues/#{i["id"]}) #{i["subject"]}" }'


it looks like very few are doing triage, from the click-through counters you can see that there was as little as 5 clicks. As much as I would like to do WebUI or JavaScript bug triage, I am no expert in this area, the same applies to Puppet, API docs and few others.

We need to be better in triage process otherwise number of issues will only grow and what we get is frustrated users. Let’s do this! Thanks.