Untriaged bugs 2018 week 48 (you can help too)


It’s triage time again, please help to triage issues. To read more about the process visit Foreman triage process

  • 25543 Breadcrumb switcher dosen’t work for filters
  • 25536 Puppet master/ca/openscap disappear from host form when org is selected
  • 25532 Foreman/Cockpit integration
  • 25530 show diff in templates history not working
  • 25525 Host details/associated host button on discovered host audit gives 404
  • 25517 No picture, missing dashboard
  • 25503 Breadcrumb show allow truncation with full title in tooltip on mouse hover
  • 25469 Better handling of smart proxy certificate and secrets generation and distribution
  • 25461 Send Puppet facts without compiling a catalog
  • 25448 Make Puppet classes and their parameters taxable
  • 25447 Unable to create puppet certificate request from RHEL5 with fips enabled
  • 25436 get host power state via api

In case I am not available, this is how I created the list:

curl -s https://projects.theforeman.org/projects/foreman/issues.json?query_id=144 | ruby -r json -e 'JSON.parse(STDIN.read)["issues"].each { |i| puts "* [ ] [#{i["id"]}](https://projects.theforeman.org/issues/#{i["id"]}) #{i["subject"]}" }'