Untriaged bugs 2018 week 49 (action needed)


We are not doing a good job leaving upstream bugs untriaged. Please do your homework and do triage of components you own or are familiar with. To read more about the process visit Foreman triage process

  • 25606 Can’t run foreman-rake reports:daily successfully
  • 25602 audit failures with Rails 5.2.2
  • 25601 Rails 5.2.2 tracker
  • 25591 Remove infoblox parameter named use_ranges
  • 25590 Installer support for httpboot smart-proxy module
  • 25582 Import a VM with more than one NIC from VMWare
  • 25569 Windows templates: undefined method `medium_uri’ for nil:NilClass
  • 25560 Unable to access the console if using oVirt experimental APIs
  • 25543 Breadcrumb switcher dosen’t work for filters
  • 25536 Puppet master/ca/openscap disappear from host form when org is selected
  • 25503 Breadcrumb show allow truncation with full title in tooltip on mouse hover

In case I am not available, this is how I created the list:

curl -s https://projects.theforeman.org/projects/foreman/issues.json?query_id=144 | ruby -r json -e 'JSON.parse(STDIN.read)["issues"].each { |i| puts "* [ ] [#{i["id"]}](https://projects.theforeman.org/issues/#{i["id"]}) #{i["subject"]}" }'
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