Update CPU list in Proxmox plugin

Hi all,
Actually CPU types available in Proxmox plugin are outdated.
RHEL9 and related 9 distro (such as Rocky9, Alma9, etc) are able to run only on x86-64’s CPU, that are currently not available on selectable cpu types list in Foreman.
Currently is possible to install these OS only selecting ‘host’ as cpu type.

Is this the list you are seeing: https://github.com/theforeman/foreman_fog_proxmox/blob/master/app/helpers/proxmox_compute_selectors_helper.rb#L88-L118 ?

If yes, you can perhaps provide a patch for it adding what is missing.

I just use the “host” option so it passes thru all the cpu options that the proxmox server has. I find the limited list is only useful if you want to make a box think it has less possible options.

Can you please share the list of CPU types that should be added?