Update CV based on sync status

Based on cvmanager I try to create a script that finds out when a CV needs to be updated because of repos being changed after synchronization.

What I’m now struggeling with is how to interpret the sync task output:

Total steps: 253/253
Associating Content: 0/0
Downloading Artifacts: 0/0
Downloading Metadata Files: 4/4
Parsed Packages: 249/249
Un-Associating Content: 0/0

First assumption is that when “downloading artifacts” is not 0/0, then something has changed in the repo, but… is that the full truth?

So, maybe someone of the devs can explain that output in detail? Or am I completely wrong here because this output is generated by pulp?

I am guessing this is pulp_rpm (a yum repo)?
Also, what sync options are you using? I think there is a mode where packages are only downloaded when they are actually needed, which would mean that a sync would never download any (package) artifacts.

Mind you I am speculating a bit since I don’t know this Pulp progress report output that well…

Yes, all content I have is pulp_rpm. And yes, I’m aware of the “on demand” download option but I’ve not enabled it, all my content will be downloaded immediately.

So, my assumption may be right and this output is a pulp report and I might ask in their forum :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure this “progress report info” is passed through directly from the underlying Pulp task, so yes the pulp folks should be able to explain it in detail.