Update Foreman-Installer and Katello Install documentation pages to add Custom Cert steps from Katello-Installer 3.9

I ran into custom certificate issues when installing Katello via the documentation located at Foreman :: Plugin Manuals, I dug through this document and the one for 1.20 of Foreman-Installer, but there was no information on installing custom certs.

The Github page for Katello-Installer 3.10 had a message that it was moved to the foreman-installer, but the certificate details from Katello-Installer 3.9 never made it into any of the documentation, so I spent many frustrating days attempting to figure out what was already clearly documented.

Can whoever updates the readme,md for the Foreman Installer on Github and install documentation for Katello and Foreman on Theforeman.org site please add that detail to the documentation? It would be greatly appreciated. I can’t be the only one attempting to do setups in this fashion, so the details are needed and Google searches didn’t yield any useful results.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. A PR is open here to improve our docs with respect to custom certs: https://github.com/theforeman/theforeman.org/pull/1299

I’ve replied to your thread in the support forum as well to cover all the bases.