Update on Compute resource proxy feature

I am interested in whether the feature requested in this issue in redmine has ever made it into a release. It’s about adding a vmware compute resource to a foreman instance via a proxy since Foreman and vmware server don’t have a direct connection. The issue says its targeted for release 115 which I guess is 1.15. I can’t seem to find any relevant documentation about it.


Ping on this - Has anyone used the feature?

Nicolas, the ticket is still marked as new, you’d see a release flag set if this was shipped. It’s simply matter of priorities. I don’t see this one being worked on short-term. If you are an existing Red Hat Satellite customer you can go ahead and open a ticket that you want the feature this can help to prioritize things a bit as Red Hat engineers are biggest contributors to the project. There are other ways of having the feature implemented.

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@Izap thanks for clarifying. I understand that feature requests are implemented by priority.

I guess I can work around this by having the new vms install salt-minion and report back to a salt-master in the remote network. That way I can pick up new instances and see them in the hosts list for a broad overview.

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Probably, report back if you have success. Blogpost would be great, you are not the first who asked for this one apparently.