Update on Katello pulp3 integration and upcoming Roadmap

Over the past few months, we have been hard at work adding pulp3 integration into Katello. We’ve completed all of the initial framework changes as well as adding support for docker and file. We have also begun integration with the rpm plugin. I’ve prepared a schedule to make sure everyone is aware of the timeframe. Key takeaways:

  • Pulp 3 will be installed alongside Pulp 2 with the Foreman 1.25/Katello 3.15 release.
    • File and docker content will be managed and served from pulp2 until the user runs a migration process
  • Yum/Rpm support in pulp3 will be shipped within Foreman 1.26/Katello 3.16
    • Similarly, Yum (and Debian) content will be managed and served from pulp2 until the user runs a migration process
  • When upgrading to Foreman 1.27/Katello 3.16 Pulp 2 will be removed
    • Puppet and ostree repositories will be deleted

Let me know if you have any questions!

Full Schedule

Date Release Details Development milestones

October 2019

Foreman 1.24 Dev Freeze (Katello 1.14)

Pulp 3 packaged in nightly with file, docker

November 2019

Pulp3 GA Freeze

Pulp3 installable in nightly

December 2019

Switchover to using pulp3 in nightly

January 2020

Foreman 1.25 Dev Freeze (Katello 3.15)

  • Docker Migration
  • File Migration
  • Docker/File switchover

Migration tooling/Switchover workflow in Nightly

February 2020

March 2020

Switchover to yum in nightly

Migration/switchover support for yum

April 2020

Foreman 1.26 Dev Freeze (Katello 3.16)

  • Yum migration and switchover

May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

Foreman 1.27 Dev Freeze (Katello 3.17)

Removal of pulp2

August 2020

September 2020

October 2020

Foreman 1.28 Dev Freeze (Katello 3.18)

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Is this roadmap still up to date? (I was on holiday, and I have heard rumors that things might have changed somewhat.)

Thanks for pointing this out! This is indeed quite out of date with dates and release versions. Here’s an updated schedule showing the next 2 major releases:

Date Release Details Development milestones

June 2020

Foreman 2.1

July 2020

Katello 3.16

Yum & Debian support on pulp3, migration of yum/deb content

August 2020

September 2020

Foreman 2.2/Katello 4.0

Pulp 2 is removed upon upgrade


I’m interested to know if pulp 2->3 migration for yum means we need either of:

  • Double the space in /var/lib/pulp
  • Much more space in /var/lib/pgsql

(When you already have:)
/dev/mapper/vg_system-lv_root 66G 40G 26G 62% /
/dev/mapper/vg_data-lv_pulp 550G 482G 69G 88% /var/lib/pulp
/dev/mapper/vg_data-lv_mongodb 100G 42G 59G 42% /var/lib/mongodb

  • /var/lib/pulp/
    You’ll need additional space for duplicated yum metadata, but the actual rpms (usually the bulk of the space taken) will NOT be duplicated between the two. Hard links are used to bring them into pulp3 locations.

  • /var/lib/pgsql
    You will need more space here, but it should be much much lower than what mongo requires.

I opened an issue here: Bug #29947: Provide disk space guidance on Pulp3 upgrade - Katello - Foreman to provide better guidance as part of the upgrade/migration documentation.


Is there an update for the roadmap available? Especially about pulp2 -> pulp3; when pulp2 will be dropped and migrations can no longer happen?

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@Bernhard_Suttner the plan is to drop it with Katello 4.0 that will happen in ~3 months from now with foreman 1.29.

Most likely we won’t remove a ton from the current code base until closer to 4.0 to aid in backports and fixes for 3.18 and migration fixes.

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Pretty sure you meant to say to Foreman 2.4 :wink:

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haha yes, I shouldn’t type this early! @Justin_Sherrill drinks more coffee