Update Server

Hi All

After running yum update on Foreman/Katello server I get this error on the WEB UI?

Service unavailabl ERF64-6496 [Foreman::MaintenanceException]: There are migrations pending in the system.

I have tried restarting the services foreman-maintain service restart, all services show as running with no errors, have also tried a server reboot, same error, have I missed something I need to do when updating the core server.

CentOS 7.8
Foreman 2.0
Katello 3.15

foreman-installer --scenario katello --upgrade

Thanks that fixed it, but now I have another problem, there is a paused task
called Content migration which is stuck at paused have tried to resume and to
cancel, but neither work, the error is:
Katello::Errors::Pulp3MigrationError: Pulp 3 migration cannot run. Types file, docker have already been migrated.

Hi Stephen,
When I’m not able to clean the task using the foreman web or the dynaflow console, I use the following options. Of course, use it on your own responsibility.

option 1: foreman-rake foreman_tasks:cleanup

foreman-rake foreman_tasks:cleanup TASK_SEARCH='label ~ *' STATES='running,pending,stopped' VERBOSE=true
foreman-rake katello:delete_orphaned_content --trace
foreman-rake katello:reimport --trace

option 2: remove the tasks from the database ( https://cstan.io/?p=8976&lang=en )

tasks=$( sudo su - postgres -c ‘psql -d foreman -c "select id from foreman_tasks_tasks where state != ‘’‘stopped’’’;"’ | grep ‘[^-].*-.*-.*-.*-.*’)
for task in $Tasks; do
echo “ForemanTasks::Task.find(”${task}").destroy"
done | foreman-rake console

While I’m not a member of any of the dev teams, I hope these options could be useful for you.


Many thanks, the remove from the database has sorted it.