Updated Ubuntu 22.04 documentation or walkthrough

On the latest (3.9.1) Foreman release on Ubuntu 20.04.

Basically I’m wondering if anyone is aware of a walkthrough of setting up provisioning for Ubuntu 22.04? No joke, I’ve spent at least 16 hours since Friday trying to get it to work, and it’s been a labyrinth of problems to the degree that I probably would be better off in the medium-term setting up everything manually and not using Foreman at all.

For example, after finally getting Ubuntu to PXE boot (/pub link, extracting the Ubuntu ISO, etc) and seemingly installed, I ran into issues with it not installing in a bootable form to /dev/vda (despite copying the storage config from a manually-installed VM), and cloud-init fails due to an empty “users: {}” declaration in the cloud-config despite that seeming to exist in the rendered user data template.

After all of the various hacky things I’ve done to even get this far, I’m tempted to restart from scratch, if someone has a writeup on how they got it to work on their end?