Upgrade from Katello 3.x to Katello 4.x

hi all,

i am new in foreman community
i am just upgrade my katello in 3.18.5 version
is it possible to upgrade from 3.18 (the latest 3.x version) to a version 4.x ?
i tried to find documentation about that but i didn’t find something convincing.
very thanks a lot for your help and reply

my conf :

smart proxies → 2.3.5
foreman-task → 3.0.6
foreman_remote_execution → 4.2.2
foreman_virt_who_configure → 0.5.5
katello → 3.18.5


I moved your post to the “Support” category, and adjusted the title a bit.

To your question, yes, this is possible, but I don’t have the docs at hand right now and hope someone from @katello can link them up for you (the procedure is a bit involved as you need to migrate from Pulp2 to Pulp3)

ok thanks a lot for your help

i am not sure but i think i am already in pulp3 :

Backend System Status

Component Status Message
candlepin OK
candlepin_auth OK
foreman_tasks OK
katello_events OK 213 Processed, 0 Failed
candlepin_events OK 6 Processed, 0 Failed
pulp3 OK
pulp OK
pulp_auth OK


Here are the instructions for Pulp migration. You should follow them just to be safe, and confirm that foreman-maintain content migration-stats shows the content migration is complete:


Once that’s complete, you’ll have to follow the Katello upgrade path: 3.18 > 4.0 > 4.1 > …etc, until you get current. The Katello 4.0 upgrade instructions are here: Upgrading and Updating Foreman server

and other versions are at https://docs.theforeman.org/

ok thanks a lot for your help

i ran the stat command and i received this output :

[root@katello pulp]# foreman-maintain content migration-stats
Running Retrieve Pulp 2 to Pulp 3 migration statistics

Retrieve Pulp 2 to Pulp 3 migration statistics:
============Migration Summary================
Migrated/Total RPMs: 0/210637
Migrated/Total errata: 0/168616
Migrated/Total repositories: 3/150
Estimated migration time based on yum content: 3 hours, 15 minutes

Note: ensure there is sufficient storage space for /var/lib/pulp/published to triple in size before starting the migration process.
Check the size of /var/lib/pulp/published with ‘du -sh /var/lib/pulp/published/’

Note: ensure there is sufficient storage space for postgresql.
You will need additional space for your postgresql database. The partition holding ‘/var/opt/rh/rh-postgresql12/lib/pgsql/data/’
will need additional free space equivalent to the size of your Mongo db database (/var/lib/mongodb/).


thanks! It looks like you need to go through all of the migration steps I linked above. Then you can start upgrading.

ok great !
thanks a lot for your help
i will upgrade in june i think
i will tell you some news if it is good or not



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