Upgrade path for Foreman+Katello 2.3.5/3.18?

I was intending to move to 2.4/4.0 but it now appears the documentation for the upgrade has been yanked (https://docs.theforeman.org/2.4/Upgrading_and_Updating/index-katello.html gives 404). The previous documentation site for Katello redirects when you select 4.0 and the oldest available at redirect is 4.1. I know Foreman usually recommends not skipping…can I go directly to 2.5/4.1? I did content migration step for Katello 3.18.

@lzap - this is a good point - some people really need access to old upgrade guides.
Is there any way we could republish?

Please use our official upgrade instructions available at Foreman :: Manual (use version 2.4 in your case). Pay attention to upgrade notes too.

The new Upgrading and Updating guide was not ready in 2.4 and we are just about finishing improving it to the point where it’s usable. Looks like it could be ready for 3.2.

Apologies for the confusing, we are working hard on getting documentation into shape, we are in the process of consolidating upstream and downstream documentation.

I don’t think this is worth the effort. Maybe we should actually put warning into older guides (Installation/Upgrade/Planning) that these are not ready yet. We are quite close tho.

@lzap I’m pretty sure that we moved the official Katello guides to docs.theforeman.org for 4.0, so if he wants to upgrade from 3.18 he will need the 4.0 guide to go from 3.18 to 4.0.

I think that it is reasonable to at least keep the upgrade guides online. We often have people coming trying to upgrade from unsupported versions.

One other thing @lzap, with the new guides, I cannot tell the Katello version from the guide.We used to print this at the top and it was handy.


I will fix missing katello 4.0 guides from the site, this was not intentional. Expect them to re-appear today. Sorrry!


Thank you so much, this is very much appreciated! I’ll try to speed up our lifecycle for upgrading so I don’t fall so far behind.

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The title does not say what version are you looking at, we want to fix this. But this is 2.4/4.0, you can tell from the version switcher top-right.