Upgrade puppet from 6 to 7

Hi all, we want upgrade puppet 6 to puppet 7, is there any recommendations or any attention ?
we use Puppet 6 and Foreman 3.1

no one have an answer :-))

Following the docs, foreman 3.2 is the first version that officially uses puppet 7 for installation: Installing Foreman 3.2 server with Katello 4.4 plugin on Enterprise Linux

So it’s probably best to upgrade to 3.2 first.

Then upgrade to puppet 7 following the upgrade docs from puppet.

foreman-installer should work with both versions. If you have a puppet server using the foreman puppet integration (Configuring Hosts Using Puppet) the foreman puppet plugin basically taps into your existing puppet server. So it should work just fine after the upgrade.

Of course, it’s best to make a snapshot or full backup of your server before testing it. It’s kind of uncharted territory at the moment. So your experience would be valuable feedback…

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thank you so much @gvde I’ll share here when Im done for others too.

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so if anyone want upgrade puppet from version 6 to 7, they should first upgrade foreman to 3.2 and then test all, after that you can upgrade puppet to version 7