Upgrade Puppet Server outside Foreman

Hi there!

I installed Foreman 1.16 on a CentOS 7 (clean, minimal install) virtual machine.

I just followed the directions in the quick start guide, so this is a default installation (I’ve just run foreman-installer without any parameters)

I keep the box up to date running yum upgrade periodically.

Recently, the Puppet Server package was updated by this procedure, and three files were installed as <config file>.rpmnew, so I’ll have to merge its contents with the original ones.

Those files were created/configured during the Foreman installation, I never changed them by hand.

So, my questions are:

  • Is it safe to update all the packages in the box running yum upgrade?
  • If that’s the case, what should I do when there are changes in the configuration files managed by Foreman? Should I replace the original files with the new ones (*.rpmnew) and execute again foreman-installer?
  • Do the upgrade instructions (section 3.6 in the docs) apply to minor versions as well (1.16 to 1.16.1)? Can I just run yum upgrade?

Please, excuse my English. It is not my native language.

Thank you in advance.

PS - To the Foreman staff: a very big THANK YOU for this great piece of software.