Upgrade step migrate_candlepin failed. Check logs for more information

After last update.

Could you provide a bit more information. In particular which version you’re running.

Nightly, after last yum update today.

The errors happened after “foreman-installer --scenario katello --upgrade”

@ehelms I also ran into this but had another error so I disregarded it. Probably good to look into the postgres 10 upgrade error handling.

For the record: I could proceed if I didn’t pass --upgrade.

I could not, even if I didn’t pass --upgrade.

Pulled all the updates this morning. I’m Still facing the same issue. Could anyone please manage to solve it?

No one? Foreman’s down since 3 days so far…


First, I want to make note that we do not test nightly to nightly upgrades (we perform version to nightly upgrade testing). We think of nightly as bleeding edge, unsupported builds that are geared around continuous testing rather than production setups.

To help unstick things, what happens if you run just foreman-installer -v ?


It fails becouse of something concerning postgresql. Here’s a little snip

I promise I will run away from nightly as soon as possible. Let me just recovery from that, store database elsewhere, and then i will switch to a decent release.

Can you check the system logs to see why postgres is failing to start?

From what I saw in the system @Marek_Hulan was running that foreman-installer was executed without --upgrade. That started postgresql from SCL without migrating the database. After that the upgrade code could not run anymore because it tries to migrate candlepin and foreman first. That breaks.


I didnt’t forget to run with --upgrade. Thus, it fails anyways

This is likely an selinux issue. Can you try starting postgresql manually? If it fails to start, look at the journalctl results?