Upgraded Discourse to latest, some notes



Normally I don’t post after upgrades, but there’s a couple of things to be aware of on the latest version. Firstly, 2.0.0-beta5 brings some nice changes for Groups

We’ve made significant improvements to the /groups UX during 2.0.0.beta5, including:
Groups can now be filtered helping you find just the group you want.
Owners can quickly add or remove members from the group, and admins can easily designate owners.
Group members can interact with the message inbox right from the group page.
Group topic activity now uses the “latest” view providing all the details you’re used to from browsing Discourse like normal.

There’s also some themes availble for banners now, which I’ll look into using instead of the rubbish CSS I’ve currently got in place :slight_smile:

There’s also an update to the events plugin - notably it can send emails now. I’m not sure exactly what the implications for us are, I think it’smostly intended to generate meeting invites, but if you see anything odd let me know.

Enjoy :slight_smile: