Upgraded to 1.24 - "missing" Listen on candlepin events and Event queue monitor

I recently upgraded from Foreman 1.23 + Katello to Foreman 1.24 + Katello.

Post-upgrade, I found that the “Listen on candlepin events” and “Event queue monitor” tasks were no longer listed on the Tasks page. I’ve had problems with these tasks in the past, so I always confirm these tasks are in the Running / Pending state before I conclude an upgrade has been successful.

After spending a few hours trying to find errors in my installation, I discovered this thread which goes into more detail about Foreman internals than I understand:

Would I be right in saying that as-of Foreman v1.24, the “Listen on candlepin events” and “Event queue monitor” tasks are no longer expected to be visible on the Monitor -> Tasks page?

I should probably specify - I also upgraded Katello v3.13 to Katello v3.14 at the same time.

Hi @scottc,

You’re right, you no longer will see the tasks you mentioned. Those tasks were moved out of dynflow.

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Hi @iballou,
Great. Sounds like I can safely let people back into our installation in that case.

Many thanks for confirming.

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