Upgrading Foreman Smart Proxy

We’re way behind, in the 1.x versions and I get that I have to incrementally upgrade the foreman server but what about the smart proxies? I’ve searched the forums and seen the question asked but without an answer. Can we shut down the proxies and when we’re done getting foreman to say v 2.5, upgrade all of the proxies directly to 2.5 or at least some other shortcut?

Hi @FatMaul

My knowledge is for instances with Katello (i.e. the smart proxy has Content); this may be different if it’s Foreman-only. In general the Smart Proxies must follow the same upgrade path as Foreman, so you won’t be able to jump directly to the current version.

Pulp has n-2 support. That won’t help much here, but I’ll still explain it: So if your main Foreman server is on, say, 2.4, it will still be able to sync content with smart proxies on 2.2. This is to give you some time to upgrade your smart proxies after upgrading Foreman.

If you’re looking at that many upgrades in a row (1.x > 3.10) I would say it’s probably easier to just build a new Foreman and smart proxies from scratch and re-register all your hosts.

We’re just using foreman with puppet. We have like 10 proxies and over 500 hosts. Could I just upgrade the main server and just re-do all of the smart proxies on the final version we land on? I’m not sure I can gauge how long the rebuild from scratch process would take. I’m thinking upgrading the main server 9x times back to back wouldn’t be too bad.