Upgrading from 1.16.0 to 1.20, what gotchas should I watch out for?

I am planning to upgrade our Foreman server to 1.20.

My question is, what kind of “gotchas” should I be aware of? I’ve walked through the process with a clone of the production host and everything seems to go according to plan. I can’t fully test the host as I’d like beforehand to so want to have a plan for the various situations that might come up.

I’m thinking of changes that were implemented that might be a problem if a configuration option it’s updated? Things seem to be ok but, just want to be on the safe side and ask.

Take a look at the release notes and upgrade warnings for each version in the manual. There were also some changes in templates that have gone in to 1.20, so it would be good to test any customized template you have to make sure they are still working in 1.20.

Okay, then I think I am covered. I checked the upgrade warnings/notes and verified template options.

Just wanted to follow up. Had no hidden gotchas. I diffed the configs before/after (made backups!) and everything went according to plan. We had a few deprecated commands in the provisioning templates but were able to find them quickly using the edit host view, “Templates” tab and then “review” provisioning template and it would tell us where the problem was.

All’s well that ends well!


Good to hear, get back to us after two months, that’s usually when things start to appear :slight_smile: Hope all is good for you tho.