Upgrading Smart Proxy in Windows

You can follow the installation steps in the docs.

In my case, I was using Ruby 2.3 and SmartProxy 1.20.3 and wanted to update to 1.21 and then to 1.22.
Since Ruby 2.3 was still a valid version, I didn’t change it.

The following steps were required:

  • download the new version and unzip it in a new folder
  • a new bundle install run (check the docs)
  • the old config/settings.yaml file has to be ported to the new smartproxy folder (check the paths within the config)
  • copy your ssl/* into the new smartproxy folder
  • check the configs in config/settings.d/ folder
    • if you are using modules eg. DNS, you have to port the old dns*.yaml files in the config/settings.d folder into the new smartproxy folder.