Upper case host name?

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Sorry for multiple posts in the past few days, i’m learning this great tool!

We are running Foreman 16 on CentOS 7 - when i’m creating a new host it always defaults to lower case name even when I use an upper case name on the create host page, is that by design? is there a way to bypass this?



unfortunately, the random name generator converts the name always to downcase. Additionally, referring to https://serverfault.com/questions/261341/is-the-hostname-case-sensitive the “default” case of DNS names are lowercase.

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Thanks for your reply! I tried disabling the name generator but it didn’t help…
I guess we’ll have to stay with lower case.


Foreman does indeed lowercase all hostnames currently. If I am not mistaken, this is required for puppet to function correctly (or at least was in the past).
Note however that DNS specification and other standards require host names to be case-insensitive, see for example RFC4343.

You’re right that technically they are case-insensitive but we’ve noticed that many tools or scripts don’t properly handle case. It could well be that we always downcase it.

In the katello installer we actually refuse to install if hostname -f contains any uppercase letters.

This was never about puppet, but about the fact that foreman manage dns, and as such, it complies with DNS RFC’s, further, we don’t support duplicate host names (from the same reason) and as such we didn’t want the ability for someone to create duplicate names with case sensitive name… consider it a way to enforce best practices…

Thanks everyone for your response! make total sense now…

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