Usage of `test_brakeman` job's output

I’m looking to see if anyone knows how brakeman is used on our CI system. We have a job (test_brakeman) that generates a brakeman_output.json file but I’ve not yet found anything that seems to use this data.

Anyone who knows more, I’d greatly appreciate some input.

If I don’t hear anything by 18 April, I am going to delete the job from Jenkins. Thanks!


The job was created some time ago with the intention of running it on every pull request. However that never got done because there are a bunch of errors and warnings that should have been fixed before that. As far as I can tell, it is not used anywhere and it’s never been used

Alrighty. Well in that case, I’ll flag it for deletion. Thanks @dLobatog!

The test_brakeman job has been deleted.