Useful EPEL packages such as nagios/nrpe, munin-node etc. no longer available on CentOS 8 + Foreman 2.4

In the foreman installation documentation, it is stated that EPEL is not supported for a CentOS 8 install. I use nagios and munin for monitoring and reporting but if it’s not a supported configuration to enable the EPEL 8 repo, how do other foreman / katello users manage installing EPEL packages such as nagios/nrpe, munin-node, rpmconf etc? This is a brand new install of foreman 2.4 / katello 4.0 under CentOS 8.

Expected outcome:
Be able to install RPM packages for the likes of nagios-plugins-all, nrpe, rpmconf etc
Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman 2.4
katello 4.0

Distribution and version:
CentOS 8

Other relevant data:

Anybody else have this same issue?

EPEL might potentially ship incompatible packages to what we need for Foreman/Katello to work, so we decided to say it’s not supported (read: nobody tests this config, it might work, and it might eat your kitten).

That said, if you add EPEL, and configure it to never update any packages that come from the Foreman/Katello repos, you should be fine. (Something like includepkgs=nagios* in the epel.repo file should make it ignore all non-Nagios packages from that repo).

Thanks very much, I shall do as you suggest :slightly_smiling_face: