Using Content Source from Non-Default Organization

Sorry for nailing this support forum with questions today. Although I’ve learned a lot, this is still new territory for me, so I’m having a lot of questions. Some of them I am not having much luck answering my self unfortunately.

With that, I have a quick question in regards to “Organizations” and accessing the Foreman server host as a content source when creating host groups.

Let us say I have three organizations:

  • Default
  • Finance
  • Ecommerce

Now when I stood up my Foreman server, it added itself as a host. Lets say it is called “”. It is in the “Default” organization.

So in the Foreman UI, I want to create a host group in the “Finance” organization. While going to create it, I need to select a “Content Source”, which I would want to be the Foreman server, however there is no “” to select. Now if I change to the “Default” organization and attempt to create a host group, it is.

I could of course move the Foreman server host into a particular organization, in which it should then be available, but I want it accessible by all of my organizations.

So my question really is, how do I make the Foreman server available to the various organizations as a content source? I’m sure I am missing something fundamental and just going about this the wrong way. Can anyone set me straight here?


I believe the content source is not tied to the foreman server Host entity rather than a smart proxy providing a content feature. Since the foreman server is a smart proxy itself (internal smart proxy), it has the same name as the host.
When you navigate to Infrastructure -> Smart Proxies you should see your katello server as a Smart Proxy entity and you should see the Content listed as a feature provided by this proxy.
Now you can edit the entity and assign multiple Organizations to it.
If you add all your orgs to be managed by this smart proxy, it should be listed as a content source everywhere.

Hope that helps (and works ;))


Ah, that makes perfect sense and it did indeed work. Thank you so much rplevka!

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