Using External Database - foreman 3.4.1

I have installed foreman 3.4.1 and would like to use an external database for it.
and i have some questions, hoping that you can assist me.

  1. Can i directly install foreman with external database without first installing it with a local db?
  2. If i do install it locally and then want to to use an external database can i perform foreman-rake db:dump and then foreman-rake db:import_dump or do i have to use the fallowing procedure:
    Administering Foreman
  1. yes, create the db and pass the right db options as in the linked doc (Administering Foreman) during the first installer invocation
  2. the linked doc is what has been tested and used by others, so I’d stick to that (even tho other methods obviously can lead to the same result)