Using foreman for provisioning

I am looking to move from Cobbler to Foreman for preovisioning servers via PXE/kickstart/whatever. My base OS is AlmaLinux 8.5. A lot of the tutorials out there are for Foreman 2.5 Trying to follow this loosely - Manage CentOS Stream with Foreman | - but not seeing the correct places to go to within foreman.

Also do I need candlepin and or katello to run foreman? I literally just want it to provision RHEL*/OpenSuse/Ubuntu/FreeBSD.

Hey @andrewm659 - welcome.
What you want should be possible.
You only need Katello etc if you want to manage content versioning precisely.
Take a look at these docs, they are pretty comprehensive: Provisioning Guide
If there’s anything unclear, come back to us.
I’m pretty sure people are getting going with Alma/Rocky for a while now etc

Let us know how you get on and if you have any particular steps you are stuck on or you feel confused about, come back to us!

Ok, so I got everything installed. I got my media added and my provisioning templates added. But now when I go to deploy my VM it says
Failed to create a compute ASM-ESXi02 (VMware) instance unexpected path class NilClass.

Hey, you need to provide more details, looks like some issue in the VMWare Compute Resource module. @ezr-ondrej might know there were some recent fixes.

Hey sorry, yes I am trying to provision on single ESXi nodes. 6.5 and 7.0U2 or just build the VM myself and run pxeboot.

Hi, sorry but I don’t know what that might be, is the user for the compute resource authorized to create the machine and all necessary resources?

Could you please post an output of foreman-tail after you encounter the issue? You can possibly browse /var/log/foreman/production.log for previous occurences. If we have full backtrace for the failure, it might help us to debug what happened. Just please keep in mind there might be some sensitive informations (IP addresses, hostnames) that you might want redact prior posting :slight_smile:

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