Using Hammer CLI to Override SmartClass parameters on a Single Host


I am trying to override a single hosts’ smartclass parameters.

For example in host

I want to update a smartclass param… In this case, ‘jdk_jdkname’ which is a parameter of module ‘jdk’

Every option I find to update a single host winds up putting in a global parameter into that host, it does not override the existing param which is inherited from the jdk class.

Every option I see to do overrides wants to modify the param on the puppet class itself way upstream of where I want to change it (at the node level)

Does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this?

Solution was to use matchers to get it to apply to a single host. Also, use the ID instead of the param name.


hammer sc-param add-override-value --match --puppet-class-id 1245 --smart-class-parameter-id 3800 --value java-1.8.0-oracle-devel

Thanks anyway folks!