Using hammer to create host ignores defined hostgroup settings

Using hammer to create host VM ignores defined hostgroup settings like --location

Expected outcome:
Create new host without explicitly declaring root password, location, operating system, etc…

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman-tasks - 0.15.7
foreman_chefs - 0.8.1
foreman_discoverys - 15.0.0
foreman_dockers - 5.0.0
foreman_remote_executions - 1.8.2
katellos - 3.12.1

Other relevant data:

hammer host create --name hostname --hostgroup-id 61 --owner-type Usergroup --owner-id 1 --medium-id 10 --organization orgname
Could not create the host:
Error: Could not find location, please set one of options --location, --location-title, --location-id.

When I add a location (even though it is already defined by the hostgroup. I get:

Could not create the host:
Operatingsystem can’t be blank
Architecture can’t be blank
Root password should be 8 characters or more
Root password should not be blank - consider setting a global or host group default
Ptable can’t be blank unless a custom partition has been defined


This seems like a bug. Can you file one here with the information you’ve provided?

I have made several attempts to login in this link and submit the bug, but I can’t get passed the login page. I’ve tried both registering with an openid as well as using github. Neither work for me.

Can you try clearing your browser cache or use an private session? I see no reason for it not to work. There may be an activation email but I don’t remember since it’s been a while since I created my account.