Using Katello with Ansible - a few questions

I was looking for a solution for content management that I could use with Ansible, and I heard about Satellite including support for Ansible post 6.3.
Can anyone fill me in with what ‘support’ actually is in this case? Is it the same as the foreman_ansible plugin and foreman_ansible_inventory?

I want to use AWX (using inventories managed via AWX too) to patch a combination of Linux and Windows hosts so I figured Katello would be a good fit for RHEL (and later other distributions). I already have patching for Windows in place so this is what’s puzzling me.

Is it possible to use Ansible to control Katello completely? I want to update repositories and fetch security updates on Katello, then Ansible will run patches on a set of hosts via the Katello API. Is this possible to do right now?

Some hints and tips would be great.

Yes, it would be the foreman_ansible plugin if you plan to use it from the webui. For the latest version have a look at Foreman :: Plugin Manuals as it was improved very much in version 2.0.
Foreman_ansible_inventory is for using Ansible from the cli with Foreman as inventory, but I think it is very slow in bigger environments.

The blogpost is on my to read list for the integration into AWX as I have not done it in this way for now.

I think there are no playbooks or job templates for using Ansible to control Katello completely, but Katello/Foreman offers an API endpoint for everything so it should be doable.

I won’t be using the UI at all though. Everything will be done through AWX.

It’s good to know Satellite isn’t different from Foreman + Katello though.

Thank you. I’ll be taking a look at this.