UX roadmap for Foreman 2.4

Hi everyone!

This wiki post should help us track the UX work all around Foreman & plugins that we want to get in the next Foreman release.

There are many great features you are working on, though without some planning we might forget to actually review them in time.

This board will be reviewed in the UI Interest Group bi-Weekly Meetings ( watch for the events! )
Next meeting Nov. 30: UX Interest Group Meeting #2

Foreman 2.4
Our Top priority

Owner Topic Status PR link Redmine
@mariaaga Refctor nav header to pf4 Ready for review Foreman#7805 #30331
@john_mitsch Move pf4 table component to Foreman Draft PR Foreman#7829 #30432
@laviro Add action cable Draft PR Foreman#7611 #29628
@rabajaj Move discovery rules to React Ongoing Effort #30104
Tracker Consume foreman code in js tests ToDo #31249
Tracker write GH actions for JS tests ToDo #31251

Foreman 2.4
Nice to have

Owner Topic Status PR link Redmine
@laviro Use API middleware with React hooks ToDo #31250
@mariaaga Create PF4 bookmarks component Ready for review Foreman#8085 #31100
@john_mitsch Upgrade js tests to support Jest 26 Ready for review Foreman#7971 #30799

I think this is awesome effort, thanks for this! But I believe we should have this for both backend and frontend ideally together.

I’ve created proposal on how to do this in Roadmapping Foreman and Katello through Redmine Trackers.

I doubt it will happen too fast, so for 2.4, this is perfect! But if I could ask for this features to follow the guidline we would establish, it would be awesome :slight_smile:

I would go for whatever suits the UX interest group,
I guess there is never too much visibility,
we should definitely update each redmine issue to the related foreman/plugin version,
but I also think putting all of the links here make it easier to access.

Oh, definitelly, this is great! I’m just worried we will not maintain it for longer than Foreman 2.4. :slight_smile: