UX roadmap for Foreman 3.0

Hi everyone!

This wiki post should help us track the UX work all around Foreman & plugins that we want to get in the next Foreman release.

There are many great features you are working on, though without some planning we might forget to actually review them in time.

This board will be reviewed in the UI Interest Group Meetings ( watch for the events! )

Features we wish to have in Foreman 3.0 & 3.1

Visual Refresh to PF4 - Tracker #32749: PF4 UX Visual Refresh - Foreman

Owner Topic Status PR link Redmine
@laviro PF4 Table In Progress โ€” Feature #32748: Add PF4 table - Foreman
@lstejskal PF4 Searchbar ToDo โ€” Refactor #32750: Add PF4 Searchbar - Foreman
PF4 modals ToDo โ€” Refactor #32758: use PF4 modals - Foreman
PF4 Buttons ToDo โ€” Feature #32755: Reuse PF4 buttons across the app - Foreman
@sajha PF4 Charts Done Add Patternfly 4 react charts by sjha4 ยท Pull Request #298 ยท theforeman/foreman-js ยท GitHub Feature #32757: PF4 Charts - Foreman
@laviro PF4 Login Page UX redesign โ€” Refactor #32751: PF4 Login Page - Foreman
PF4 Toast Alerts ToDo โ€” Refactor #32756: PF4 Toast alerts - Foreman
@MariaAga PF4 Vertical Nav UX redesign โ€” โ€”
@laviro index page template in progress โ€” Tracker #32747: Add index page template - Foreman
โ€” Better Empty States handling Todo โ€” Feature #32759: Better Empty States handling - Foreman

Nice to have

Owner Topic Status PR link Redmine
@MariaAga Webpack 5 upgrade In Progress โ€” โ€”
@sajha use deep-compare instead of JSON.stringify for dependency array comparison ToDo โ€” โ€”
@amirfefer UX permissions handling ToDo โ€” Feature #32760: better UX permissions handling - Foreman

@Ron_Lavi I would add: