/var/lib/pulp full after adding a few products and syncing them

I’m new to this forum and looking online the responses date back to 2021 and 2022. The problem seems to still be an issue. my /var/lib/pulp is full which I found out from my sync failing stating out of space. A du -h shows all the space is in the sub directory media so I’m assuming this is the packages that are being stored here. What’s the best practice for this directory as it did mention an NFS share (if needed) but I have a sandbox that’s 300GB and full and a POC in production that uses a 1.4TB of space for this directory and that is 95% full. I ran manually, the weekly cron job to clean up orphaned data but to no avail. Usage didn’t change.

The required space in /var/lib/pulp depends heavily on the number and size of the repos you are syncing.
The only general recommendation I can give is “if the space gets low, give it more disk space”.
I would generally recommend against using NFS for /var/lib/pulp. I am not sure why the docs even mention this method, but from my personal experience I would expect a steep performance drop on NFS. The best solution imho is having /var/lib/pulp as a LVM volume as recommended here.

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Ok so I’ll take your recommendation but it still leaves the question what happens if this becomes full. Is there a way to clean up this directory?


If you need to clean up space, usually the only way would be to remove repositories from within Foreman, ensure they are not used in any content views or other organizations anymore, then run the orphan cleanup.
As the name implies, the orphan cleanup job only removes packages that are not needed anymore.