VDC derived subscription producing "null" values

Have imported manifest with virtual datacenter license. virt-who correctly discovers rhevm hypervisors and correctly maps registered guest to host holding vdc subscription.

when running auto-attach, guest receives what appears to be the correct derived subscription for vdc guests, but instead of listing name of subscription and actually count used (guest of xxxx: x of unlimited), i see the name of the subscription as “null” and count as “null of null”.

When clicking on count link it does take me to what should be the derived subscription, but i do noticed that the url references /legacy_subscriptions/ rather than just subscriptions as i can access via the content menu. Can see the correct counts or subscription used. Technically the guest seems to be receiving correct content, but worry about consuming correct subscriptions since can’t tell. Additionally, the “guests of xxx” subscription shows nowhere in the subscription view as it previously did.

Guests of virtual hosts should receive derived vdc subscription and show name of correct subscription along with correct counts and be viewable in subscriptions.

Foreman v1.18

Katello v3.7, virt-who-configure v0.1


  1. fresh install of foreman 1.18/katello 3.7/virt-who-configure 0.1 on centos 7.5 (also tested on rhel 7.5 with same results)
  2. import manifest w/ vdc subscription
  3. register foreman server to itself
  4. config/install/run virt-who to discover hypervisor (ovirt in my case)
  5. attach vdc subscription to hypervisor
  6. register rhel 7.5 guest to foreman
  7. re-run virt-who to correctly map rhel 7.5 guest to host
  8. run auto-attach. At this point, guest picks up some sort of derived subscription which appears to be somewhat correct, but name and utilization tracking appear broken.

… as an aside, virt-who configure and the hammer cli plugin for virt-who-configure both appear broken. while virt-who-configure plugin correctly generates config scripts, it does not properly track virt-who reports submitted. different problem for a different day.

Just tested with foreman 1.17 and katello 3.6 and it works as expected.

virt-who-configure is broken in that release due to gem conflicts so i just installed virt-who and created configs from scratch.